A place to call





// The Location

When, Where, how, MOOP? and all the amazing things you need to know about this location!

The event will take place at:
Nørre Snedevej 124
8763 Rask Mølle, Denmark

29th of May - 3rd of June 2018


// Transportation

// Car/Carpooling
You drive! Please let the organizers know because we have limited parking to around 30 cars (it is nice to offer carpooling if possible)

// Train
Take the train to Horsens Station, From here you can take the blue bus 116 to location

// Bus form Horsens Station
Bus 116 towards Nørre Snede/Herning. Get off at Hvirring Stop and walk 200m or ask the busdriver to get of at number 124 (they are really nice)

// Bus From Copenhagen
We will make a bus go directly towards the venue if enough people are interested.
Check the Facebook page for more info on this.

// Airplane
Closest airport is Billund airport where you can take the X-bus to Horsens and afterwards take the 116 as described above.


Want to share a ride? Maybe travel together with your fellow Starlings? 
Join the Sunraiz Travel Agency group!

// Map of Sunraiz City

Luckily Sunraiz is held on a flat two square km field, so getting lost is a pretty danm good achievement by itself.
But here you get to see an overview on how things will be planned out. 

Made by the wonderfull Helle Koed Paulsen for Sunraiz 2018

Made by the wonderfull Helle Koed Paulsen for Sunraiz 2018

Camp Area
Set up camp in this area as you please <3 Just remember to keep a distance to the electrical fence and windbreaker trees for your own safety <3

When arriving at Sunraiz you will get a designated parking spot. please keep the parking to that area

Here you will find party, gifting bar, workshops and all that lovely snuggle puddle <3

The Beacon
A gathering place, a place of rituals and of course our ending burn.
around the beacon you will find people doing yoga, relaxing and doing their crazy acts of awesome creativity.

Here you can find sun/moonlings that are ready to help you, and a place to rest safely. Here you will also find 1st aid and awesome sober people <3

Cook your food, store your stuff and make magic happen! 

For that smooth business

Emergency meeting point
In case of fire or other emergencies, we will guide you to the emergency meeting point.


// Leave No Trace ( LNT)

To leave no trace is kinda difficult when 140 wild burners are dancing and creating. 
But do not worry! It is 120% possible!

At Sunraiz there will be a comminty MOOP station
- But Sunraiz! What is moop?
What is moop? Well we are glad you asked!

Matter Out Of Place = MOOP
or trash but moop sounds funnier!

// The sorting station
Together with the municipality we are able to get our sorted Moop fetched for free.
But it MUST be sorted. so to make LNT as easy as 1,2,3. we will co-create a Sunraiz Moop Station.
We are currently looking for someone to take lead on this project.