The sun and moon
calls you back…  

Sunraiz will be back in 2019…
Stay tuned for more…


The event

As the sun slowly is getting closer,
sunlings and moonlings gather from near and far to celebrate the coming of the summer sun.

Sunraiz will focus on tuning in and warming up before the summer, and by this we encourage you to take things a bit more slow; bring your instruments, body,mind and soul work, yoga, and authentic connection workshops.
We dont want to play loud speaker music on site, so this will be limited to Silent disco and aucustic instruments. But dont worry. We will party like a thousand suns!

The event will take place at:
Nørre Snedevej 124
8763 Rask Mølle, Denmark

29th of May - 3rd of June 2018
The event are for members only // Memberships are sold for 500DKK


10 principles

At this event we follow the 10 principles of burning man. Make sure to read them

Icons by james wickham



We encourage you to be calm and at peace. Take things slow. Ritualize, and welcome others in your life. Focus on nature and the people surrounding you. Sunraiz is thought to be an experiment burn where we, as a community,
will play with a different way of interacting with each other through a common "story" told at the burn.


Important dates

25th of may.
– work work

Those who want to help can come help out with building up infrastructure and decorate the space.

29th of may.
– day of arrival

During the full moon beginning at 23:00 we start the ceremony of the moon.

2nd of june.
– ceremony

The burning fire of the sun ignites at 22:00

3rd of june.
– farewell

Day of official departure


Your story :
A story of lost starlings




At Sunraiz YOU are Starlings. Fallen from the heavens you long for your Sun & Moon family in the sky.
Banded together, you want to find your way back home, but destined never to come back to the heavens, you create your world of the vast universe and heavens right where you are.

At Sunraiz we want to play with your creativity. We want you to co-create an shared experience that dares to challenge the ordinary. But who are the starlings you might ask?
This is up for you to decide.
This is your story...

Camps and Venue

At Sunraiz you can camp as you want, and there is many possiblities to build your camps. But we encourage you to make conceptual camping that support the way you express your inner Starling! (sparkle sparkles, spacey scifi, tribal or something out of this world like you!)

The venue is on the country side outside Horsens. 
The couple owning the land is family of the Schnaparoo Fox, and they have granted us to lend the piece of land for free. Of course there are some restrictions but these will be informed on the event and info letter for participants.

We will provide
Toilets, Outdoor showers, A designated cooking tent, Fresh Running Water Station, A Sanctuary tent, Bonfire Areas, Large Party/Workshop tent, And overall planning of the event.


How to get there


// Car
You drive! Please let the organizers know because we have limited parking to around 30 cars (it is nice to offer carpooling if possible)

// Train
Take the train to Horsens Station, From here you can take the blue bus 116 to location

// Bus form Horsens Station
Bus 116 towards Nørre Snede/Herning. Get off at Hvirring Stop and walk 200m or ask the busdriver to get of at number 124 (they are really nice)

// Bus From Copenhagen
We will make a bus go directly towards the venue if enough people are interested.
Check the Facebook page for more info on this.

// Airplane
Closest airport is Billund airport where you can take the X-bus to Horsens and afterwards take the 116 as described above.

Still got questions? Ask them on our facebook


"A place of dreams"